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The 7 Rivers Alliance Regional Wise Talent Strategy
February 9, 2017

CREC is collaborating with the Institute for Decision Making (IDM) at the University of Northern Iowa, Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission, and First Children’s Finance on this effort. CREC and its partners will develop a Regional Talent Plan comprised of workforce preparation, attraction and retention strategies, a roadmap for implementing key initiatives, and an asset […]

Mapping the Defense Supply Chain For The State Of West Virginia
February 9, 2017

CREC is developing a statewide supply chain map of West Virginia’s defense and manufacturing industries that will serve defense manufacturers and communities in limiting the impact of defense-related spending cuts and identify new opportunities for economic diversification.  The project includes identifying regional and sector-specific competitive advantages regarding DOD assets, and how these relate to broader […]

Request for Proposal: Company Survey Planning, Management and Targeted Business Analysis
January 23, 2017

CREC is working with partners in Texas to mitigate the impact of defense spending adjustments and budget cuts on the state economy. CREC seeks the assistance of a well-qualified contractor to assist with Company Survey Planning, Management and Targeted Business Analysis. Specifically, the services requested and required must be designed for the use of the […]

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