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Project Profile

Supporting the Projections Managing Partnership

Projections Managing Partnership
Start Date: Jan 2009 — End Date: Ongoing

In cooperation with the Labor Market Information (LMI) Institute, CREC assists the Projections Managing Partnership (PMP) by managing its leadership and technical committees, facilitating training and staff development, as well as engaging with partners and data users. With support from the U.S. Employment and Training Administration, the PMP seeks to provide the most reliable and relevant occupational and industry outlook information available through integrated long- and short-term projections and the tools required to make those projects.

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About the Client

Projections Managing Partnership

The Projections Managing Partnership (PMP) is a national consortium of state labor market information offices funded by the U.S. Employment and Training Administration. The PMP is charged with maintaining the national infrastructure for the production of state and sub-state industry and occupational employment projections.