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OEA Support for Defense Supply Chains Feedback Webinar

December 20, 2019

OEA engaged the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) and Entreworks Consulting to review various efforts funded by the OEA Industry Resilience program to strengthen the manufacturing supply chains and strengthen the defense industrial base in your regions and states. This webinar included a briefing on the paper developed outlining these activities, OEA Support for Defense Supply Chains: Many Successes and Lessons Learned, followed by an opportunity for discussion and comments.

IR grantees have undertaken a variety of Supply Chain activities, and we’ve organized them into three big categories: 1) developing market intelligence about your defense industry supply chain, 2) matching defense contracting needs with regional industrial capabilities, and 3) making the local defense industry ready for DOD contracting opportunities.

Presentation: OEA Support for Supply Chains Dec Webinar 12-19-2019

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Assessing and Evaluating the Defense Industry Adjustment Program
Start Date: Nov 2015 — End Date: Oct 2019

CREC and EntreWorks Consulting is providing technical assistance for the OEA by assessing and evaluating the design and effects of OEA’s Defense Industry Adjustment (DIA) program and the assistance that its grantees provide to defense-dependent communities, workers, and businesses.  CREC and EntreWorks will work closely with OEA management and personnel to develop jointly an evaluation […]

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Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA)

OEA is the DoD’s field organization responsible for supporting state and local governments to respond to major defense program changes.