Helping Communities Shine

Whether researching and implementing ways to shape a community's economic development plan or partnering to create ways to put people to work, CREC connects researchers and policymakers with:

     • Data training
     • Custom portfolios that aid regional competitiveness

What We Do

Project Catalogue

Counting the Prevalence of Post-secondary Certifications and Licenses 2018-2020
Lumina Foundation
Start Date: Nov 2018 — End Date: Dec 2020

CREC, working collaboration with the Labor Market Information Institute, seeks to provide information to students, parents, faculty, individual workers, business leaders, policymakers, and members of the public about the relative value of different kinds of non-degree credentials.  CREC aims to help individuals choose to pursue post-secondary credentialing options by sharing objective information about the economic […]

ARC Entrepreneurial Benchmark Update 2018-2020
Appalachian Regional Commission
Start Date: Oct 2018 — End Date: Jun 2020

CREC, working with EntreWorks Consulting, is continuing our work in promoting entrepreneurial efforts in the Appalachian Region by maintaining a database of the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, updating research on the region’s economic dynamism, and maintaining a web presence at for the entrepreneurial directory and the entrepreneurial index (updated through 2017).

Evaluating Talent Pipeline Management Initiatives and a Peer-Learning Process
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF)
Start Date: Jul 2017 — End Date: Dec 2019

CREC supports the USCCF Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) Academy by helping 40 practitioners from regions across the U.S. to articulate their TPM initiatives and develop measurable program goals and objectives.  CREC facilitated two cohorts of 20 practitioners through a process in which they develop action plans and align performance measures with what they expect to […]

Pennsylvania Local Development District System Strategy
Local Development District Association of Pennsylvania
Start Date: Jan 2019 — End Date: Dec 2019

CREC and EntreWorks Consulting are developing a strategic plan for the seven Local Development Districts located in Pennsylvania. Each of Pennsylvania’s seven LDDs provides technical and programmatic assistance in four core programs; Business Finance, Export/International Marketing, Government Procurement Assistance and Transportation Planning. Additionally, each district has taken on roles important to their region that differ […]

The Census Project
Association of Public Data Users
Start Date: Jan 2019 — End Date: Dec 2019

With support from the New Venture Fund and the Annie Casey Foundation, CREC is providing fiscal agency support the Census Project on behalf of APDU. Led by Mary Jo Hoeksema, Project Director, and Howard Fienberg, Co-Director, the Census Project is a broad-based network of national, state, and local organizations supporting a fair and accurate 2020 […]